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January 24, 2007


I think the tyranny of anonymity can be a good thing. I've said lots of things on my blog and in message boards that I would never say to people in person. But that's only because I'm too afraid to say them. I shy away from confrontation, and I back down easily from debates in person because I'm a wuss. There are things I OUGHT to say in person, but I don't. It is easier to say them in anonymity.

I see your point, Sam. What it points to is the fact that we all need to work on our courage, to be able to say those things we ought, even when there is no anonymity.

I appreciated Melinda's post, because I find myself saying/thinking things I shouldn't, because the anonymity (of being in my car alone, for example) provides a means of escaping the shame I should feel for those things.

Our thought life is the place this seems the most applicable. No one (except for God and ourselves) knows what we are thinking, but it is there that we formulate and cultivate that which greatly influences our actions and attitudes.

Well said Paul A

Oh yeah? Well I think you're both noodlenoggins!

All you bloggers are nuts, you too, Anonymous.

Sometimes you have to laugh!

This is a good issue to consider. I certainly agree that sometimes I fall short of the courage that the apostle Peter had when he refused to stop speaking out about Jesus.

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