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January 16, 2007


Interesting article on Romney and his 1994 debate with Senator Kennedy (including some views on hot-button issues like abortion which Romney says he has changed his mind about since then).


I wonder if Hewitt or Reynolds would have made the same comments if there was a moderate Islamic candidate for president. And yes, there are moderate Islamics.

I would make the same comments if my friend Mustafa were running for President. In fact, if you check my blog I argued for a three fold test to determine when religious views passed the "too nutty to get my vote" thresh hold. Moderate Islam (of Mustafa's sort) obviously passes all three.

"Third, the group should have a long track record of generally playing by republican rules in areas where it is dominant. No group is perfect, but the Presidency is too powerful a prize to trust to a new group that might have secret authoritarian leanings."

Unfortunately Mr. Romney does belong to such a group and it's not the LDS. It would do the Republic good if that group were to spend its "forty years in the wilderness" that nature might take its course and remove those who would ruin us. I'd vote for a Udall any day.

Hugh's comments are in line with our values but Mr. Reynolds appears to lump John Locke with Josef Stalin, and what in the world did poor old Mr. West ever do to JMR?

"Unfortunately Mr. Romney does belong to such a group and it's not the LDS" - and what group is that, Mr. Aronson ?

Hi Alan, hint, it starts with an "R", :-)

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