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February 13, 2007


I've been waiting to see this debate for a long time. Greg did a great job defending against many of the claims Deepak Chopra made.

I'm not sure if this is old news but I also found links to Lee Strobel's website on withyourallmind blog that index quicktime clips of the debate:

The quality is slightly better.

The Greg/Chopra debate was one of the best things I have ever seen on TV! I've wondered what happened to the Faith Under Fire program (does anyone know??). I guess it was around long enough for word to get out...the emperors of relativism don't like people finding out that they have no clothes on, or, worse yet, being slowly and agonizingly stripped on live television!

I believe one of the reason the program is no longer on is that the network was sold...there is obviously more to it though.

Great the debate returns: Who could forget the:

"comic floating battery cell"

even Chopra had the look on his face like:

"Okay maybe I am a little crazy."

"Cosmic floating battery cell."

Me and my spelling errors today.

"the universe is huge almost beyond our imagination so any concepts we have of God are bound to be limited,...ultimately it is a personal journey"

"God is the infinite intelligence, infinte consciousness... based upon energy and matter"

"I've expressed views from every religion"

Chopra is a universalist, cooking up his own brand of Religious Stew with heavy emphasis on Eastern ingredients.

I think my favorite part; besides the ‘cosmic battery cell’; is when Chopra said something that Greg did not even respond to.

Chopra said we are “all doing the best we can.” He said this a few times; then in the same breath; he said we all should practice forgiveness.

Why the need to forgive if we are all doing the best we can?

Mr. Chopra; perhaps because we are not; hence the need for forgiveness you mentioned.

geez i hate that guy. chopra is a chode.

you dont have to read his book though - all you have to do is go to LA and stand on Venice Beach on a saturday afternoon to see a million Dr. Chopra's.

KarenA: "The Greg/Chopra debate was one of the best things I have ever seen on TV!"

I think so, too. Greg was terrific! I want to get it on DVD!

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