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February 23, 2007


Steve, since you mentioned the 02/26/07 issue of Time magazine, I will recommend that people also look at the story on page 52 "Are Doctors Playing Hunches?" This may help to clarify why establishing medical fact is so difficult and sometimes too easy.

I'll also add that there just are not enough MD PhD's out their who can do thoroughly scientific medical research. Too much of medicine is subject to controversy with claims and counter-claims, but if good data could be shown many arguments would cease.

Thank you, Steve, for writing about this and providing important information and excellent links! I, too, have often heard the "NCI" rebuttal.

Good info.

Hi Steve,
This is off on a tangent sorry, but not sure how else to reach you. Wondering if you did actually post your reponse to Margaret Sykes' article on false pro-life claims re foetal brainwaves? I'm very interested and would love to read your reply.
Thanks, Sandra (New Zealand).

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