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February 22, 2007


After reading this paragraph,:

"They suffered depression, fear, hopelessness, physical pain, loneliness, and persecution just as anyone might who is working to make a difference in this world--to bring glory to Christ and to help others know, love, and serve Him."

I couldn't help be reminded of the great verses Heb. 11:34-38, especially the phrase "of whom the world was not worthy". So,
I cant think of a greater legacy as a servant of God than that. Having said that, I'm also reminded of a statement of Peter in 2 Pet. 1:16-19 where he talks about not having followed cunningly devised fables having been an eyewitness to God's voice from heaven. He then goes on to state that we have a "MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY".

In other words, even having been an eyewitness to the great signs and wonders surrounding Jesus' earthly ministry, Pete called the scriptures a more sure sign. So we have a great cloud of witnesses and the more sure sign [than being an eyewitness] of the scriptures that witness to us of God's great promises.


It is amazing how some of the really good devotional posts don't get comments. Hopefully that doesn't mean that no one is thinking about them.

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