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February 14, 2007


Tracey died soon after the film was made in 1967. He never divorced his wife and had a long term relationship with KH that dated from the early 1940s so we may assume they weren't acting in that scene.

You are a real romantic, Alan.

I always enjoy watching the garden scene in The Sound of Music between Maria and Capt. von's so tender, romantic, and dignified at the same time

Kind of a trip down memory lane, David, they had a pied a terre a couple of doors down from me, back in the day.

I love the speech Tracey delivers in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." I don't have it memorized word for word, but he says something to the effect that Poitier's character's mother had called him a fool who was too old to remember how that kind of love feels, and that monologue said. "She was the only honest one...but she's wrong. {at which point he locks eyes with Hepburn} I know exactly how it feels." Talk about powerful love after all those years of marriage. Incredible.

This coming from a nineteen-year-old who gets suckered into watching the movies with his mother.


One of my favorite love scenes is from "It's a Wonderful Life". When George is visiting Mary when she's back from college she's gets a call from a suitor (who her mother wants her to marry because he's a successfull business man) and George starts looking at her and getting closer to her when she's on the phone. They're terrible in love although George soesn't want to admit it because he wants to go to far away places in his life his love for Mary is too strong and he can't resist her. Anyway they start kissing passionately----Anybody remember this scene?

Oh and I almost forgot---I think the young Donna Reed was a major FOX!

"--she's a stone fox, a total babe--if she was president, she'd be Babraham Lincoln.."

(Mike Myers--Wayne's World)

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