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March 28, 2007


Not to mention chloes husband being drilled through the shoulder and then moments later typing away with both hands while activating the detinators. Then returning to work as if he had mearly been slapped around...

Good to see Melinda and myself agree on something. All shows have a life span and '24"'s was over year before last. The premise was flawed and could only be carried so far. Real world events don't play out in 24 hours.

"24" also depended on the collective PTSD effects of 9/11 to succeed and that recovery began in earnest in 2005. The conceit that the program had some sort of great moral insights, as opposed to writers who made things turn out right was a symptom of that national disorder. We have simply grown past "24"

Kevin at "Washington Monthly" has had a couple of interesting posts:

Yes, it really has been bad lately. But I've loved this show for so long that I can't just give it up. I am desperately trying to hold on!

I thought that the Happy Days show where Fonzie jumps the shark was a good one.


The last season of Friends

Somebody needs to give Chloe a taser, STAT!

They need to change the premise of the show from Jack saving the US from a terrorist attack to Jack dealing with some other threat (save Audry, escape from China, run for his own life, etc). They have passed over a lot of good potential story lines for this one.

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