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March 29, 2007


Psalms is a tough one though. One that I hadn't appreciated at first. It can be difficult to follow at times. I think this is because we don't have all the information. Originally most if not all the Psalms were set to music so this I think would have clued people in on when there was a change of voice. Consider Psalm 22. Some of it is supposed to be quotation of the Messiah (Jesus on the cross) but then there is other stuff that is not the Messiah.

At first when I had determined to read the Bible cover to cover, I decided to skip over Psalms. I didn't consider myself to be missing much because, as I put it, "Psalms is more of man's words to God than it is God's words to man." I was like a kid with all his favorites on his dinner plate plus that one side also yummy and nutritious but just not as much too his liking and complaining rather than eating it too. I was totally missing the point that the presence of Psalms in the Bible strongly makes religion out to be dialogue. This I couldn't understand until I asked some others what their favorite book of the Bible was and they claimed Psalms, because it related to the hardship they had faced in their own lives.

Also in Psalms, we see something that our modern Christian music tends to lack: range and depth of emotion. Too much of today's music sounds like it is to a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. We have more than enough of boyfriend/girlfriend idolizing music. Psalms in contrast can get very bluesy.

Personally, I would like to see and hear more Psalm like Christian music. With all the rhythm, rhyme , alliteration... that translation distorts or destroys.

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