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April 05, 2007


Great article. Absolutely marvelous job of tying up alot of the loose end "issues" that can be overlooked when discussing this topic.

I would be more comfortable talking about this issue if people would just be honest and admit that the goal of those who advocate same sex marriage is to get their lifestyle officially approved by the government and accepted by society.

But because the topic is always presented as a human rights/discrimination issue, it's impossible to get anywhere with people.

Great point Mo,
by government coercion, many in the homosexual community hope to criminalize any anti-homosexual sentiment. Of course, that approach will fail. People, including most homosexuals I would dare say, know that homosexual behavior is aberant and should be shunned ofr its inherent destructiveness of body and soul.

Patrick -- it may be precisely *because* they know it is wrong that they want societal approval (it soothes their guilty consciences).

The reason thought crimes ("hate" crimes) and free speech restrictions should be opposed by *all*, is that when the political climate changes, the groups that benefit from those laws now, will be exposed to harm when the laws are used against them in the future.

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