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May 31, 2007


Wow, I didn't realize this. What a misleading (and annoying) article. Thanks for clarifying, and if this comes up anywhere I'll be sure to point people here.

Its unfortunate newspapers that should be reporting the facts correctly like to twist their words to miscontrue and manipulate..I am sure the writer of that article did not even take the time to check out STR. Thanks for keeping us in the loop...WE care for all of you in your awesome work for the Lord.

Our news media; the gift that keeps on giving.

Are you surprised? I constantly find articles that misrepresent people and their views. I am sorry that such poor reporting has found its way to STR.

oops, accidentally sent the last post without finishing the post. Greg, we love what you're doing. I would encourage others to support by prayer, finances, etc.

Just came across a reference to this blast from the past. i remember a front page story in the NYT in the late 1990s on the topic. Another story the MSM reporters didn't bother to vet.:


Trust no one; suspect everyone.

"Trust no one; suspect everyone."

Good point, Alan! I'll start with you! :)

I would expect no less. :)

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