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May 17, 2007


It's been very strange to hear that Christians would have a problem voting for Romney simply because he is a Mormon. I have not talked about this with people I personally know, so it would be interesting to hear what they'd say.

The media and the world love controversy, but I hope Christians do not play into it.

What is important is where he stands on the issues, what his track record is, what his life can tell us about his character.

I don't know why we have to make things so complicated!

From what I know of Kirk Cameron and Way of the Master (including their evangelism school curriculum) he by no means meant that Mormonism could potentially be removed off the "cult" category. In fact they expose Mormonism as a dangerously false heresy with a different God (many gods), Jesus (brother of devil), and Gospel (salvation by faith plus works). For that reason I think there may have been a misunderstanding in that regard.

Melinda's reference was to a statement made by a Karl Cameron, not Kirk Cameron. An easy slip up. I had to do a double take myself.

Linking "Cameron" with "debate" also didnt help! lol :)

Sorry Melinda!

"I don't know why we have to make things so complicated!"

Mo, from a values standpoint I'm a big Romney fan...but I think Hewitt's dismissal of American bigotry against Mormons is premature. Given we're looking at close margins in our recent elections we can't afford to have a candidate who is the right man for the job but has some quality that dismisses a few million people from voting for him.

I think bigotry in America is all but vanished but I still think there are enough bigots to keep Obama from being president. I believe in the end, Hillary will win the nomination for the Dems for the same reason...they vote with their bigotry and fear when push comes to shove not their principles (nor will we when push comes to shove with Romney).

I think Rudy being anti-Life will deeply cripple his chances as president too. Among the big three McCain has the right position on some issues but is weak on immigration and has lost core Republican support. That's why I've calculated that our greatest hope is Fred Thompson...he has no baggage and is an actor, he's strong in the polls without even getting into the ring.

Romney's belief system brings much frustration as I ponder the thought that this nation has been known for its melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Having said that it seems to me our country as far back as our birth has stood on the very foundations of God the Father we know in our Bible not the book of Mormon or the Book of Koran...My prayer is we as a nation need to find the one guy as close to those values as we possibly can...Huckabee comes to mind, but we all need to be very careful and consider choosing the one person who can BEAT HILLARY>>>

I've found "heretical sect" to be an equally accurate and less bombastic label. Plus, since the public at large woudldn't be able to tell you what a heresy is in the first place, it avoids the dangers of being misunderstood and associated with something else (ie; Jim Jones, David Koresh). Of course, both are equally damning, but who understands damnation anyway?

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