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May 02, 2007


Don't most pagan cultures worhship nature?

I have given up trying to talk to people regarding the global warming issue. This is an idea that is being shoved in our face from every angle, and if you don't shut up and believe it without question, you are simply not listened to.

It is very discouraging when people absolutely refuse to listen to logic and reason.

When my parents were growing up, they were told that overpopulation was the problem. It was predicted that there would be "standing room only" in their lifetime. Then experts said that fossil fuels would dry up in the next few decades. It was almost certain that the world would go up in a mushroom cloud during the cold war. Go back and watch the paranoia in the old Twilight Zone shows. AIDS was going to end the world in the 80's and 90's. Then it was Y2K that would surely bring on an economic depression and anarchy. Global Warming is the latest cause celeb - where Cheryl Crow wants to count the number of squares of toilet paper you can use while flying back to Brentwood in her private jet. Carbon Offsets are invented to relieve the feeling of hypocracy.

My personal thinking is that Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy has taken over many in the enviromental movement. The Earth has to be in a constant state of crisis so that the guilty rich can feel better about themselves by rescuing the planet.

Here's my favorite story on this issue:

Look, it's the totalitarian view of everything from the left now days. If you don't believe the way they do you are evil. Not wrong or misguided, you are "EVIL".

If you have ever studied totalitarian societies (Nazis and the Marxists) and what happens when they come to power it's the same senario. They shame opposing groups, they don't debate and in the end they become oh so self righteous. But of course they call Christians "self righteous".

Friends of mine who are well educated and traveled truly believe that Gore, Travolta, Crow et al have earned their private jets and have the right to pollute however much they want (carbon offsets) but tell the rest of the unenlightended/unwashed that we must cut back and do without.

And Mo is right; they absolutely will not hear another argument, even from the BBC ('The Great Global Warming Swindle' - google it).

This couple are also liturgical Unitarians(politically correct Episcopalians) who truly believe Islamists and Christians worship the same God and that 'all dogs go to heaven'. I think it's because under it all, they really think one god is as good as another because there is no God/god.

Satan is a busy boy.

"Look, it's the totalitarian view of everything from the left now days. If you don't believe the way they do you are evil. Not wrong or misguided, you are 'EVIL'."

Hi Les, just what is totalitarian about a privately owned enterprise making a market choice?

Alexis -

People in my online life will not even discuss the issue, so I don't know what the specifics of their ideas are. So it intrigues me that you say your friends say these celebrities and other rich folks have 'earned' their right to jets and such? Do they explain how/why it is that these folks have earned the right to this stuff while at the same time chastising the rest of us? (The rest of us, I might add, who are poor schmucks and cannot afford either private jets nor the carbon offsets!)

I really just don't understand this idea of carbon offsets. I thought it was a joke when someone first mentioned it.

Well I hope they are going to build green hotels on Mars since we have caused Mars to warm with our use of SUVs.

Read this article from Yahoo News and see who seems more reasonable:;_ylt=ApV.nwDQ4iK.ezcKcE0E4rbMWM0F

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