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May 15, 2007


He's a non-denominational Christian; which I believe means he thinks independently and has his own interpretations of the religion. Personally I've more respect for people like that than for people who belong to dedicated denominations.

If someone's religion will have effects on how he will govern, or if it will effect people's perception of that religion (if it makes a false religion more acceptable or Christian), I think it's OK to remember the person's religion at the ballot box. The Constitution may talk about not having a religious test, but the individual is free to have one. By saying this I'm not saying that no one should vote for a Mormon. I'm still considering this issue, particularly since comments by Craig Hawkins moved me to think about this more.

I think "Protestant" is not very descriptive, since protestants run the gamut from being very liberal to being very conservative.

I wonder what the reaction would be if they used 'evangelical'?


Not that I know Ron Paul, but I suppose by your reasoning that one who starts a new religion should receive the most respect. Also, the independent thinker hypothesis is not the only explanation; non-committal, unresolved, and/or immature could also fit.

Yea, i thought that the whole thing was a bit odd, especially since the other canadites would be considered Protestant as well.

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