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May 29, 2007


I have seen this interview before. They each have amazing stories!

We need to pray for them. These sorts of events are often protested and speakers threatened. Some have had to be canceled entirely.

And here I thought my being out of work for three weeks was 'suffering for my faith and 'REALY' trusting in the Lord'!
My church has a visitation ministry that responds to the requests of visiters who fill out a small form. On one such visit, my wife and I visited a couple who had come here from the Middle East. They had converted to Christianity in West Germany while awaiting their visas. The father could understand English but wasn't comfortable with it. The couples son, about ten, spoke English very well and did the translating for us. As our visit concluded, we asked if there were any questions. The father, in what English he could speak, asked very clearly if Jesus was God. I was taken aback for a moment, then I remembered material I had studied about how Islam defined words like god and lord etc. I was careful about how I replied, explaining that Jesus was God and that although the Trinity was a dificult thing to grasp, there is only one God. I told him I had studied a little bit about Islam and that his question was valid and normal. That seemed to help him a little. My answer about Jesus being God was stated with conviction, but with the understanding of his former theological background.
Thanks STR and all of the organisations that help us engage our nieghbers with the truth and in love.

Wonderful story, Tim.

I think I'm so used to people who just want to argue and have no real interest in listening to the answers you give. Sometimes I forget sometimes people do have sincere questions!

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