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July 02, 2007


That is the question and I've heard it argued elsewhere in Judaism. They will honestly try to pick a line of demarcation which I say is impossible to do.
For me, the best way to get a grip on this issue is to crawl back up the slippery slope and take a look at invitro fertilization. This is widely accepted even with evangelicals, but those who choose this route to having a family go in knowing that a surplus of embryos will be harvested and produced. Some will be planted in utero and will not "take", being discarded naturally like a miscarriage. One will be planted and develop full term until birth. The rest are stored, with a miniscule hope of being "snowflake babies". Most likely they will be discarded. I've never been faced with infertility but I couldn't use this method knowing the other results. The availability of surplus embryos produced by in vitro begs the utilitarian argument Gellman writes against.

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