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July 23, 2007


I'm just about half way through Kingdom Triangle and I think the way Moreland proposes that the promised land is in the oceans outside of Bermuda is compelling.

Actually, from what I've read, this is Morelands Magnum harmoniously combines so many of what he's explored in other books.

What I love about his particular voice is the way he is logical but doesn't stop being a passionate, supernatrualist in the process. Listening to Moreland and Koukl on the radio yesterday made me think, "If these guys can do it, so can I."

I look forward to reading Kingdom Triange a few more times with highlighter in's also his most readable to date. Or as Dr. Sanders says, "I have to keep reminding Moreland to keep the cookies on the bottom shelf." While I enjoy when Moreland starts saying "P to the P minus Q therefor K" I mostly read that stuff to try to stretch my mind. It's good for jogging.

I will definitely read this book...I am impressed by his ability to articulate what the body needs to hear in this day and age..I have read several of his works...They always teach me something to think about in a more in depth manner..

I read the book, and it, along with the thoughts of Dallas Willard, and this site (all in keeping with the truth taught by Jesus, the apostles and prophets) are life transforming, cheap and typical though that phrase may seem. Do not live another day without Christlikeness as your vision; anything else is a wasted life.

I'm a couple of chapters into the book and really enjoyed the interview. I also just received my July issue of Christianity Today, and there's an interesting intersection between these two that has caught my attention.

The cover story is about the enormous influence of the prosperity gospel in Africa and the third world. (To sum up my feelings on this, listen to John Piper's words at )

JP said he thinks the church in America needs to be more open to the idea of miraculous healings and signs, both in the third world and in ours. I would have loved to hear him address how the prosperity gospel and its "success" in the third world fits into all this, and what criteria he uses to know when these things are legitimate and in service of the true gospel and when they are not.

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