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September 26, 2007


My father served in the Pacific Theater during WWII. While stationed on Espiritu Santos, he repaired optical equipment. He made friends with some Japanese/American soldiers who risked their lives with him. "It was virtually impossible to view him as one of the enemy," he used to say.

Also my mother's family in Los Angeles watched their Japanese/American neighbor's house for them while they were interred at Manzanar.

Even though some of our government's bone-headed programs were prejudiced and inhumane, the popular prejudice against Japanese/Americans was not always as wide-spread as some might have you think.

To be sure it existed, but not everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Do you think that if we were to go to war with Mexico that allowing un-assimilated immigrants to walk freely about the country would be a *good* thing?

This was the point of the internments, and it was right to keep an eye on them.

Further, don't you know that it is currently the Islamic terrorists' intention to exploit our overly-cautious aversion to merely *seemimg* as if we're being racist.

Now, the real wrong, I've heard, that our country did to those that were interned, was not giving them their property back after it was all over.

Relating to some of other comments, Les from WorldNetDaily has a good article today entitled "An absurd distortion in 'The War'" at

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