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September 03, 2007


Most tables will state if the average reflects the mean or median. I don't know where the commenter got his data. There is a large body of data that breaks down wages by gender, occupation, race, level of education, etc. - below are a few links.

This is from the Journal article where the median cost of a wedding is also listed.

"The so-called average cost -- between $27,400 and $28,800, according to the latest iteration of these surveys -- is a mean. That's the kind of average you might remember from grade-school math: In this case, it's the sum of all the survey responses, divided by the number of people surveyed. The mean is especially susceptible to a single lavish exception: One $1 million wedding put into the mix with 54 weddings costing $10,000 each would boost the mean to $28,000, although among the 55 couples, $10,000 would seem a much better representation of the typical cost.

For the three surveys, the median wedding cost is closer to $15,000. The median is the middle figure when you line up a set of numbers in order of size. It is a popular choice for social statistics because it is unperturbed by very small or very large numbers.

For further information on women's wages, I recommend checking the Independent Women's Forum website, Look under Issues, then Women and Work, then Wage Gap.

I've read that 79.6% of all statistics are made up.

That's very funny Jon.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!

The average American doesn't factor in to the average statistic.


1. 95% of people will believe a statement if it is backed up by a statistic.

2. I just made that up.

Another statistic for you ... half of the people are below average ...

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