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October 31, 2007


My oldest son is now three, but I think back to a similar incident and thought from the time when he was about seven months. We had a routine that went on for a while that I remember. By the time we got home from church on Wednesday night, he was a little bit overdue for his regularly scheduled nightly bottle. I would start preparing his bottle as he screamed for it. I wanted to communicate with him that he was going to get the bottle as soon as I get it ready, and one evening I remember thinking to myself, is this how God sees some of our tantrums? Is He trying to tell us "Look, you're going to get what you're asking for, but there are a few things that have to happen first while I get it ready." But of course, like an infant, we lack the perspective to see any further than right now.

Having children has in a way helped me to see that God has a different perspective.

I've bought my 3.5 year old son FOUR train sets over the years, the last one being a real model trainset. He's bored and saw a junky trainset in the store the other day and told me, "I want to get rid of my old trains. They're no good. I want a new train."

While disgusted with my son's lack of grattitude for what he has I couldn't help but think of my own attitude toward God. Just about every negative trait I see in my kids I can easily recognize in my own relationship with God. They are little microcosms that teach us parents about ourselves.

It's amazing how much clarity I can have about my son's moronic desires then dismiss my own moronic desires or motivations as enlightened and necessary.

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