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October 31, 2007


"The Reformation answered four primary questions of Christianity differently than Catholicism: '1. How is a person saved? 2. Where does religious authority lie? 3. What is the church? 4. What is the essence of Christian living?'"

This is a very succinct description of the Reformation and these are all areas that are still debated today, even within Christianity. While most mainline churches will still agree in word to the tennants of Protestant Christianity set in motion 500 years ago, there is always a battle. There is always a struggle against our natural tendency to put salvation in the hands of man, authority on the heads of men, and the essence of Christian living by the ability of men. May we constantly be "reforming", not against an institution made by men, but against the natural tendencies of man.

Luther was awesome, good article.

Thanks for a good posting on Luther in relation to the Reformation. We often trust too much in the formal institution. It's been wrong too many times for us to trust in it completely. Thank God that people within the greater church (universal church) can read the bible for themselves and clearly see the truth without some academic theologian telling us what is truth and what is not.

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