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October 25, 2007


"power of God in answered prayers and healing"

I've heard about a lot of miracles happening in in 3rd world countries, especially with converts from Islam. However this is usually only mentioned in passing. Has anyone ever done a book or any other kind of documentation of these miracles? It would seem this would be important news for the Christian community.

OK, you've got my interest; what are the other two sides of the triangle?

"the supernatural power of God, which is largely absent in the western church, but is very active in other parts of the world"

sorry for raining on your parade, but I think there's a fairly obvious reason for that...

Steve -

It doesn't bother me it the least if you disagree with my beliefs. So you're certainly not "raining" on my parade and I'd hazard a guess, you wouldn't offend anyone else here either if you'd simply state your disagreement and offer your view and your reasons.

Have you read JP Moreland's book? Have you ever heard him lecture, either in person or by CD or tape? Do you know why he thinks the supernatural power of God is largely absent in the western church?


Mark -- I think that the other two sides are knowledge and spiritual disciplines ...

>>OK, you've got my interest; what are the other two sides of the triangle?

Mark, you can listen to the interview Greg did With Dr. Moreland about the book on the July 22 radio show.

(You have to register, but it's free.)

The other two sides of the triangle are Weaving Sit-Com Examples into the Sermon and Getting Crucifix Tattoos.

This point, [and what it speaks of]

"5. The gospel message, especially its assurance of salvation and forgiveness, is also a significant attraction to Muslims."

can be one of the best evangelism tactics when discussing differences in Islam and Christianity. Of course like all of mankind, their guilt is ever before them and they feel it and know it if they only look. Peace with God has to be with the true God or else there is no peace.

They can feel no relief in Islam, Allah is capricious and unreliable and holds no promise of forgiveness that may be relied upon-except martyrdom in jihad. No wonder the true believer in Islam is compelled to do the unthinkable, his god says that is the only sure way to heaven.


I should have added to the last sentence, "70 virgins and all that stuff...the promise to the suicide bomber type--the true believer in Islam and it's doctrines."

Brad B

Wow, that is amazing.

The 'god' called Allah is a harsh and cruel being, even to those who seek to follow him. May the love and forgiveness of Jesus continue to come to these millions of people, so in bondage to a lie.

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