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November 01, 2007


"it’s often a message that feels increasingly irrelevant and
arbitrary in today’s culture."

What is lacking in the gospel that we need to tailor it to the felt needs of our culture? Cultural values provide an entry point into the gospel, as do personal values; but these are doorways to the message of Christ crucified, not demographic indicators of the need for a "new Gospel presentation" (spinning the eternal message).

Christ's crucifixion and resurrection are not a white light of truth that may be fragmented into diverse colors to suit different felt needs. It is a single event that applies in the same way to all people everywhere - to reconcile us to God. It is after all the ministry of reconciliation, and not Greenpeace (bless their souls).

The Zealots wanted Jesus to establish an earthly kingdom. He refused the offer. I presume He will also refuse to chair an international environmental organization - until He returns.

To clarify-
The redemption of all things (humanity, creation) will be consummated in Christ's second coming. Until then, healing the planet is a stewardship issue, not a central part of the Gospel.

I expressed my opinion on this in my blog


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