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December 30, 2007


What a sweet story, Steve! You show such insight into the heart of the situation with your grandmother. I learned a lot from reading this--especially about the way we all want to solve things and make them better, often just so we'll feel good. I wondered, too, if your grandma would enjoy being read to? Just a thought...Blessings to you and Rebeccah!!

Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure your grandmother just loves knowing that you're near her, even if you can't communicate with each other very well. I think I would just want to know that someone was near and loved me.

Thanks again for sharing something so personal. It's good to remind the rest of us to spend time with the poor or elderly or hurt.

Thank you for your transperancy. This is a great reminder for us all.

Dear Steve: I think this is about servanthood. And I think you are quite a servant. Yes, I think those of us who care for the elderly learn this. And I bet your grandma did enjoy being around all of you, even if she weren't the center of attention. I know the older I get, the more I enjoy the young ones.

Many blessings to you! Thanks for taking the time to write this!

Hi Steve,
My dad died two years ago. He was 89 years old. He had Alzheimer's, couldn't hear very good and wasn't able to communicate much. When I would visit him there really wasn't much I could do but sit with him, tell him about my day or.... scratch his back. When I would scratch his back, he would be so happy. I would try to scratch his back or gently rub his shoulders and upper arms whenever I was with him. I also would gently comb his hair. My mom is still living at age 89. She is very ill but she also loves to have her hair combed. It seems we all need the human touch. I think the elderly don't get that enough. Maybe your grama would smile if you asked her if she wants a back scratch or her hair combed.

Great reminder Steve. It is at the heart of the Father to love those who can not necessarily demonstrate it back. Thanks for sharing very personal insights. They were a blessing to me.

Thank you for the gentle reminder of the importance of interacting with the elderly. Just being there with a loving touch, a listening ear or simply quiet purpose can make such a difference in their lives...and we learn what is most important in serving them and not ourselves. Your words brought back sweet memories of my grandparents' later years and how much I treasured the times I spent with them.
Best wishes for a wonderful 2008.

Interesting how such an important ministry is one that doesn't bring much glory to the minister. We can say that we are ministering in the name of the Lord when our ministry brings many accolades, but how the judgment teaching of Christ's that Matthew recounts in chapter 25 doesn't talk about high-profile ministries.

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