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December 11, 2007


I've usually gotten the same delighted response.
But if I detect that the person is using the phrase, "happy holidays" to be deliberately PC or to avoid "Christmas", I respond with a hearty, "yes indeed, happy holy days to you"! (emphasis on "holy"). It let's them know that "holidays" is no less religious a term.

I do the same thing, Melinda, and I also find that most people say "Merry Christmas" back with a big smile. Even my Jewish friends!

Merry Christmas!

HAha, I thought I would be the first to echo the sentiment, but I get the same response as well.
It's a very mery christmas indeed!

I guess because a couple of blokes complain over "Merry Christmas" we must oblige them. It saddens me sometimes, but on a good note I think we might be getting back into the swing of the Merry Christmas phrase. The controversy may be dying down from MY perspective.

Re: Jonny Jon Jon
Why do we have to oblige them? The gospel, which we're to preach is going to offend people. That's not our problem, that's between them and God.

A couple weeks ago I saw a news story about a store that mistakenly had a sale on Hanukkah hams! Jews should have been up in arms. Pigs are unclean. How dare this store insult their beliefs?!!

But in reality no one cared. Jews laughed it off. Now if this doesn't offend a Jew, how could "Merry Christmas" possibly offend a non-Christian?

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