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December 31, 2007


That would have to come from the manufacturer (which would be...?)

That would be a great idea...(The only problem is do we use your definition of relativism or mine?:)

It probably won't get recalled but I know I explained relativism in much the same way Greg describes it to many people last year, and several people have had some really decent responses.
Change often comes one person at a time, if all of STR's listeners would convince someone how evil relativism is we could see some real change.

Well, I had heard that they DID recall it, but everyone had a different idea on how it should be carried out. Since there's no standard way of determining who was right, they just decided to cancel the recall and go to Starbucks.

LOL Alan, so true! If only relativism could be seen
for what it is and be recalled. Like the other person said, maybe the ripple effect of ambassadors sharing the truth on the matter will have some lasting effect, even if it is slow in coming. Ultimately though, it will be recalled, and there is definite hope in that!

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