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January 31, 2008


I wrote a paper on Granville Sharpe in college. When I started it, I only knew about his six rules on the uses of the definite article in Greek (Granville Sharpe's Rules), but I found out he was also a big contributor in ending the slave trade right along with Wilberforce. You should read up on him sometime if you haven't already.

The amazing thing is that the abolitionists didn't just make slavery illegal. They made it -- an insitution as old as humanity -- *unthinkable*.

Our goal needs to be to achieve no less on the abortion front.


I really appreciate your blogging. You write from a deep set of convictions and passions which are a refreshing antidote to the negativism and detachment of our time (who even uses the word 'hero' anymore?). It's nice to see that you can be smart without being cynical and faithful without shunning reason.

Thank you,

You may want to listen to John Piper's message on Wilberforce. It is excellent, and based primarily on Wilberforce's book "A Practical View of Christianity". It's free on Christian Audio.

I am part of the team that helped produce the movie Amazing Grace. While working on the film I also did a contemporary update of Wilberforce's book on the difference between authentic faith and cultural Christianity. It is called "Real Christianity" and is available under my name on Amazon. Thanks.
Bob Beltz

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