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January 14, 2008


Thanks, Steve. Terrific post.

Full story link doesn't seem to be working but you can find the article with google, or http://tinyurl.com/yw5u9m

I wonder if experiencing such things - or hearing about it from a close friend - changes sexual behavior.

"Excellent article"? I don't agree. It may be "good" in the sense that it actually acknowledges the harm done to men by abortion. But the article teems with pro-choice rhetoric and downplays the issue. The article's author, Stephanie Simon, is a tireless defender of abortion rights for the Times. She has an established record of misinformation in reporting on the abortion issue for the paper.

See http://newsbusters.org/people/stephanie-simon

It's not as if pro-choice advocates don't use heart-wrenching stories in an attempt to win people to their side also.
But when it happened to me recently, I didn't presume an ulterior motive. Note how she also implied this was a womans only issue.


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