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January 18, 2008


Steve, have you ever heard of this: I know a woman who had a miscarriage at 16 weeks. Her doctor and no hospital would "deliver" the baby and thus she had to go to an abortion clinic to have the baby removed. It was a horrifically traumatic event for her. Do you know who she can talk to about this? Does this happen often?

Thank you for sharing your friend's experience. By "deliver," do you mean a natural delivery or a "delivery" via D&C? My understanding is that a D&C is standard hospital practice in response to a death of an unborn baby after about 10 weeks, at least in those cases where the body has not expelled the unborn baby naturally (I think there are reasons to question whether D&C should be so frequently used, but I won't go into it here). In any case, I can't speak to the reason the doctor and hospital made the determination they did. I do think that your friend's local pregnancy resource center is a good place to start seeking counseling, since she is dealing with some of the same guilty feelings women feel after an abortion. (She's also dealing with other feelings of loss and sadness, which are important, too.) I don't think the feelings are connected to actual guilt in this case, but she will still need to work through them and understand them. The PRC is the first place I'd check. If your friend can't get the help she needs, please contact me via email at STR and I'll try to offer additional suggestions.

As the Monday post is rather far down and I just came across this at LGM, I'll post the link here. It and the associated links are FYI as I haven't had the time to read them.


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I have a friend who wrote an article recently that you may want to read when you have a chance.


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