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February 12, 2008


I heard this show today. The calls from the women were heart wrenching. It was amazing how dismissive the host was. Guess he didn't now what he was getting into. It reminded me of one night when Susan Estrich was describing her abortion experience on Hannity and Colmes. She was making a pro-choice point, but didn't realize how much she was revealing and the depth of pain she harbors.

I agree with starting on common ground. I do think there is some common ground we should argue more from and it was touched on here by these callers. Is it good public law that causes so much human suffering? Is this a good law when it inflicts so much pain and suffering on all parties involved? mother, father, child and extended family.

Is this a good law that causes untold social and economic damage?
If we have eliminated over 30 million Americans form the work force, what effect has this had on the Social Security crisis?

In my opinion we need to take this argument into the realm of public policy. If this were done and research done on it's ramifications on the culture; this would be a closed debate.

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