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February 15, 2008


This just in: Americans are Biblically Illiterate! Film at 11...

But I'm conflicted about the purpose of the NPR story. Was it to show how shockingly biblically illiterate we've become?

Or was it really to paint Huckabee as pandering to Bible Thumping religious extremists?

I'd bet the latter, given that the story was done by NPR, and who *they* pander to.

Apparently none of the people stopped had ever read the Bible at anytime or for any reason and that is sad.

I also wonder if Barbara Bradley Hagerty's "separate dialect" reference reflects a personal ignorance of Biblical allusion.

Maybe politics is what NPR's religion correpondent covers these days.

People are completely ignornat about the Bible these days. And then places like NPR play on this to show that all people who believe the Bible (or vote for people who believe the Bible) are just that stupid and ignorant.

It's sickening.

Hi Mo and Mike, as the resident lefty around here perhaps I can help. This seems like a straight forward piece on Biblical illiteracy - a reflection on our educational system's failure to teach culturally important things as well as history, and things of that nature.

Huck's references should be a part of any person's intellectual armamentarium. i wouldn't classify any of the examples as being "dog whistle politics" (google it). Many politicans, left and right, use dog whistle politics from time to time, but not in these examples.

BTW - this is the best summary I have seen on our current political lineup - at least for one of the parties:


(copy to here to link)

Some levity:

A pastor asked a class of Sunday School children, "Who broke down the wall of Jericho?" A boy answered, "Not me, sir!" Upset, the pastor asked the teacher, "Is this typical?" She replied, "I believe this boy is honest, and I really don’t think he did it." The pastor went to the head deacon. "I’ve known the boy and the teacher for years," said the deacon, "and neither of them would do such a thing." Aghast, the pastor went to the Christian Education Board. "Pastor," said the chairman, "let’s not make an issue of this. Let’s just pay for the damage and charge it to the upkeep."

One reason for "Biblical illiteracy" is due to an objective truth illiteracy. In a culture where objective truths are challenged as being even a legitimate category, it's no wonder that words can mean anything--even the ones in the Bible. Relativism whether moral or otherwise is rampant in our day, sadly to our shame.

Brad B

Ummm In at least one of his sound bytes he issued his comments at Liberty University. I am confident they would have understood the illustrations. He obviously is appealing to his base with comments like this, although biblical illiteracy has infected the Christian world as well. The people interviewed probably couldn't tell you much about the key political issues either.

I could have answered all of the "person on the street" questions in the NPR story, and I voted for Mitt Romney. In my opinion, Huckabee is trying to tell evangelicals, "Vote for me, I speak your language."

Mr Aronson,

That was a nice thing the church did to pay for the broken wall. Did they ever find out who did it.


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