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March 14, 2008


If we don't speak out right now against these practices, they will gain traction and become part of what is accepted and normal here. That's what happened with abortion. Christians sat on their hands and said nothing when they had the chance. Then the opposition won enough hearts and minds to convince people that abortion was OK.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I believe that the root, however, is in the general lack of Christianity in the populace - which produces a lessening of Christianity in the culture.

The reason that a human life has intrinsic value is because God says it does...God finds it valuable. Society has given up the notion of God. So it is reasonable in societies view to give up the notion of intrinsic human value.


First the fetus, then babies. How about young children like this one?



We should keep in mind that a fetus is a human being at a different stage of development. If you devalue life at one stage of development, you have effectively devalued life at all stages. Wasn't it just a short step from saying it's OK to abort in the first trimester to allowing partial birth abortion? Now infanticide is up for discussions.
Sure is a slippery slope, isn't it?

I saw a very interesting German movie recently at a Pro-Life film evening in San Francisco called "After the Truth". It's not a new film and I don't know much about it, but it's about Josef Mengele being put on trial in modern day Germany for crimes against humanity. His defense ends up being all the jargon and vaccuous nonsense about "compassion" and "they were going to die anyway" we hear from people like Peter Singer. See the movie if you can.

SPQR333, it's interesting to me that you mention that particular German film because I've always seen parallels between abortion and what happened in Germany. Both cases involve average citizens turning a blind eye to suffering and blood-letting.
I preached against abortion one year during Sanctity of Life Sunday. At one point I said, "Is this topic making you uncomfortable? Good. Sometimes we need to be uncomfortable."
Most of us wait until it's far too late to get involved. History is never kind when it comes to apathy in the face of suffering.

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