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May 07, 2008


I agree that the idea of rights needs to be grounded in something. But how do we demonstrate this to a world that has rejected God, the Bible and Christian principles in general?

In my honest opinion, I think we should let the plants speak for themselves. I don’t want to put words in their mouth. ;)

Environmentalists are already protecting plant "rights." Isn't it a city ordinance in some places that you have to get permission to trim your trees?

Does this mean I will have to quit mowing my lawn? No more WeedEater?

I don't want to go over the top, but if there is to be an end-times reign of an antichrist, it will be full of fraudulently compassionate dictates that simulate Christian virtues ...

And the name of the mini-series that documents their oppression.....


Roots - that's precious! haha

I think the Swiss are showing thought leadership here that lesser mortals like you all are unable to grasp. The swiss will rightfully recognize the innate dignity that all plants are entitled to. They will hereby protect all plants and their offspring in various forms (including seed bearing fruit). The Swiss shall no longer eat plants. And out of protest, they shall no longer eat animals that eat plants either. The Swiss will live on water from henceforth. The Swiss shall rightfully die of starvation.

Yes, Dr. Beckwith - you've touched upon the grounding issue!

C'mon guys. It's not easy being green.

Listen up brothers and sisters, come here my desperate tale
I speak of our friends of nature, trapped in the dirt like a jail
Vegetables live in oppression, served on out tables each night
This killing of veggies is madness, I say we take up the fight
Salads are only for murderers, cole slaw's a fascist regime
Don't think that they don't have feelings, just cause a radish can't scream

I've heard the screams of the vegetables, watching their skins being peeled
Grated and steamed with no mercy.. how do you think that feels?
Carrot juice constitutes murder.. greenhouses prisons for slaves
It's time to stop all this gardening.. let's call a spade a spade.

Except From the song Carrot Juice is Murder by the Arrogant Worms

Claims to be a United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization!

I'm still waiting for someone to take "whizzing in the Spirit" seriously.

I won't be surprised when it happens.

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