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May 15, 2008


What bothers me about this is, as Greg Pritchard notes in the first blockquote, that it is still a marketing methodology. These changes are based on the findings of a survey, not what the Word says about what a church should be and do. What happens if 10 years from now another survey says that Willow Creek churchgoers would really prefer more monster truck rallies or lectures about stopping global warming? Would they go back to the drawing board again and shift their focus again to meet the "felt needs" of the congregation?

Evangelists don't need to be "seeker obsessed" either. They just need to preach the Gospel. No one seeks God, anyway. Romans 3:11

The unsaved may be seeking after something, but it's not God.

Could it be about the money? Why else would you seek after those who have no right to be in the midst of the "church", unless they are called by God to be there. Sure, call it evangelism, but true evagelism does what Billy Graham did for so many years.

I'm glad they have decided to offer theology classes, now let us see what the fruit it produces or see if the seekers will leave. Some people do not like milk in their tea!

Love STR, thought this post was way off base. I find it very hard to believe that you would have ever been to Willow Creek, or even truly looked into the ministry and still hold those positions.

The article you quoted from CT doesn't offer a single quote from a WC insider.

I can't even begin to comment on all that you wrote, but to pick out one remark: To say that the "sheep" are left to fend for themselves while all the programs are for seekers is incredible. I guess I would just expect some more reasoned thought from an STR post.

By the way, I have no affiliation with WC. However, I am in a church that values doing ministry with Creativity, Authenticity, Relevance, and Excellence.


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