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July 01, 2008


I think that this presentation presents a puny view of God. It does not discuss Hell or wrath and resorts to calling it "separation from God" and moving on quickly as to evade the subject because it sounds pretty harsh. If we refuse to preach specific laws of the Bible and attribute that to ourselves to understand how we are seen by God AND THEN discuss what Hell is like and why it is so bad, then how will people understand how wicked they are in the eyes of God, how depraved they are, and how desperate they are for the righteousness of Christ? They have the heart issue right, but I think it needs to be discussed more maturely than what is presented if this is supposed to be used by college students. I just got out of college not long ago and could not recommend this to anybody. I think this may be good as a primer for those in or below high school level, but we can do better theologically by preaching in a similar fashion like Way of the Master as one common example (even though it's the biblical way and uses a simple to remember presentation that is accurate). The way the Gospel is presented in the provided link makes me think that sinning isn't exceedingly sinful and is more so like doing things that God doesn't like us doing and has caused this Earth to be a bad place to live.

God hates sin and hates those who practice it and it seems like we want to appease those we evangelize to by glossing over His wrath quickly, or sullying the extreme wickedness of sin. If the site fixes that issue and is willing to discuss it more maturely, then I can agree with using it for younger age groups.

AMEN David! My thoughts exactly Brother... If a persons sin nature is not understood, the Gospel message will be 'foolishness' to them.

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