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August 14, 2008


I note that Yousef, coming from Islam, believes he actually has a duty to God. I really appreciate that and I think that is one aspect of our relationship with God that our culture is forgetting or ignoring on the whole.
We see the same kind of thing with Chinese Christians who pray that God strengthen them when they suffer, as opposed to people like me, who pray to God that He keep us from suffering.

Keep you from suffering? That is what you pray for? What about the scriptures that encourage us to share in the suffering of Christ? I think you need to elaborate on your stance because it is misleading.

Don't we have a duty to God?
Just because our salvation is not dependent on our works doesn't mean we don't have a duty to God.

My in=laws are helping me and my husband buy a house. They are not expecting any payback, and it is highly unlikely I could pay them back anyway. But what kind of person would I be if I didn't atleast help them out and try to be a comfort for them, after they have done so much for me? In my view if it is our duty to write thank you notes and do favors for people who do nice things for us here on Earth especailly if we can't pay them back in full, how much more of a duty do we have to the creator of the universe and forgiver of our sins?

Don't we have a duty to God?
Yes, and Yousef makes the point with clarity.
Keep you from suffering? That is what you pray for? What about the scriptures that encourage us to share in the suffering of Christ? I think you need to elaborate on your stance because it is misleading.
These reactions surprise me. I doubt I'm the only one who prays that the lump isn't cancer, that my parents not be stricken, that my friends return to health, that we don't lose the house, etc. I even pray that my auto repair bill won't be too high. Yes, I'm a coward and I admit it to God. Before asking for strength in suffering I selfishly pray that harms not befall me - even though, compared to most of the world, I live in safety and luxury.

Daron, your first post made sense, it sounds like you were misunderstood or someone just wants to split hairs.

Let's look at the fact he converted under tremendous pressures and circumstances. Whatever a person prays for is between them and God. The fact he believes there will never be peace between Hamas and Israel seems more important to me than what the guy talks to God about.

I like stories like these - getting to hear the inside scoop in conversion - and about one saw from the other side of the fence (in Islam for example).


I think you clearly missed Daron's point. He wasn't prescribing that we *should* pray like him, nor was he commending how he prayed to us.

One thing we should definitely pray for is the safety and protection of this young man's life as he publicly testifies to the truth and power of the Gospel.

David Hocking was getting a lot of questions concerning this. He has an interview posted on HFT. I don't recall who the interviewer was, but it is a real wake up call for Christians. I doubt many so called Christians would give up their lattes, let alone what people like this man has given up to follow Christ. My nieghbor is a 3rd generation Christian from Egypt. Although he is a naturalized citizen now, he has given me some very interesting insights into that culture.
I would suggest reading that interview before making any comments. Few of us have any real concept of what it is like to face beheading, just for professing to be a Christian, let alone actually evangelizing. He isn't safe here either. I think it's fair to say that he has a price on his head.
My neighber knows the author of
" Behind The Veil, Unmasking Islam", Pioneer Book Company, Caney, KS. He uses a pseudonym because of death threats. Get a copy of it if you can, it is an authoritative source on Islamic theology; he uses Islamic scholars
recognized as authorities to speak to theological issues. What we get today is Westernized drivel for the most part. It will help you realize the power of the truth to change lives.

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Well it was mostly old news when it was released, just repackaged.

Why has it not appeared on STR then? What about 9/11? What about the federal reserve?

Note to STR staff:

Do you guys have a policy about someone posting these irrelevant advertisements on every single thread in the STR blog at the same time? Something along the lines of blocking an IP address, deleting the inappropriate posts, cautioning the offending party?

Tom with his Zeitgeist ad seems to be a spam artist among us.

Sage, yes--I responded to you on the earlier post, as well. I do remove spam comments--even if they're promoting something I agree with. Unfortunately, I was out of town last week, and I'm just going through the comments now.

If other readers comment on a spammish comment before I can remove it (as they have in this thread), I will generally leave the spam comment up to avoid confusion (unless it's offensive).

Thanks for clarifying, Amy. I respect the integrity of these blog pages enough to 'speak up' when someone abuses them. In the future I will be content knowing such items will go away if we all ignore them.

Welcome back from vacation - we have obviously been diminished by your absence!

>>I respect the integrity of these blog pages enough to 'speak up' when someone abuses them.

Thank you! We do appreciate that.

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