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August 25, 2008


Lipstick on a(n abortion-loving) pig.

"Lipstick on a(n abortion-loving) pig" (Billy)

What does that even mean? All I know is it sounds mean.

What a joke. These are the same people who despise GWB for his Christian faith, along with anyone who voted for him! They were all supposed to leave the country if we evil Christians helped him get relected in 2004.

I'm still waiting for them to go. And I'm still ready to pack their bags for them.

Record levels of "window dressing" at this debacle. Reminds one of the artificially staged composite of humanity that perched the stage behind Jimmy Carter in 1976.

I read you loud and clear BillyHW!

Brad B


Why not let the Muslim speaker give Islam's view on homosexuality, and let the Catholic speaker talk about abortion?

Something tells me that wouldn't fit the party line. I like how they pick and choose the topics they want and ingnor the rest of the world views.

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