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September 25, 2008


Since adult stem cells are being reprogrammed into the equivalent of embryonic stem cells, will there be a way to make sure that embryonic stem cells are not being used?

[Aside: Is this stuff really happening?

Cuz I went out on a limb when cloning was the big thing and said that cloning was not happening, and I was right about that in that they were just birthing the equivalent of twins - not creating, but birthing, breeding; Replicating the processes that must happen for normal twin-birthing to take place.

Time will tell, I suppose, whether we've been taken for a ride. Too bad I'm not a biologist.

I hope this is happening, because this could save lives and provide human tissue, in a morally concious way, for use in testing cures for cancer and such.]

Hi Agilius, your sceptisism may be warranted and I also hope that this is true. The participants who've fought to preserve personal human life have to take some of the credit that made possible this work which produced promising results. Had not there been those willing to fight the battle, I doubt that this much harder path would've been taken. I count you as one of those willing.

Brad B

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