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September 10, 2008


We must defend the unborn, no equivocation. We must also protect and defend those who are alive. Expanding the "culture of life" is crucial to us today when facing a pandemic in our near future. Our children are counting on us and they are the most effected by pandemic influenza.

Thank you for this edifying and well written blog. I will post it under my favorites.

Stephen Wagner,

I finished reading Common Ground Without Compromise and it is a great book. Thanks for all of the effective pro-life work you do!! You are one of the great pro-life educators of our time. If there were millions of pro-lifers like you that were systematically training people on the elective abortion issue, our world would learn (with the assistance of the Spirit) to respect life. Here is one of my favorite quotes from your book:

You write, “Surgical abortions always take place after 5 weeks gestation (3 weeks post-fertilization), so the image of a ball of cells being removed is factually incorrect. By 3 weeks post-fertilization, the primitive heart is beating."

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