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October 23, 2008


Abortion is genocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of innocent babies (close to 50 million so far) and made it legal by humans that don't have the conscience and or reverence for THE ONE and TRUE GOD/THE LORD,in which HIS PRECEPTS this nation was founded!

Would THE LORD hold this nation innocent for such transgression? ... Absolutely, "No"!

Wouldn't those making up these laws and the ones approving them and those that with no conscience, destroy/kill their own flesh and blood, with no remorse at all, be absolved from such crime? ... the answer from GOD'S WORD ... "No"!

THE LORD calls the unborn, someone special in HIS EYES, "I have chosen you before I put you in your mother's womb" ... HE tell us from HIS WORD!

When will these people doing such barbaric acts against those precious innocents, finally open up their souls and hearts to know, that no evil man can change the eternal and ONLY ONES given to us from THE LORD, not only for our own spiritual blessing and benefit, but even for our own survival here on this earth and then unto the eternal life that awaits those who responded to HIS call for repentance and acting on HIS WILL and Precepts!

THE LORD says: "You shall not kill" and HE adds that those who do, won't inherit GOD'S KINGDOM".

Because this nation for years have forgotten GOD'S PRECEPTS that in it's original state, made it blessed above other nations in the world ... the only hope for restoration and to find mercy from THE LORD, is the turn around from such such degradation we have been seeing increased through the years, with greater abominable so called "laws" coming to pass!

Let's not deceive ourselves, GOD'S judgment is here, let's not keep quiet, but call upon those who are spiritually and morally blind and still sensitive to GOD'S VOICE, to come to repentance before HIM!

Remember what THE LORD said: "For if man woulnd't speak, the rocks will" ... Are we ready for that?

Are we ready for the time (now) that THE LORD is choosing who are HIS or not?

Our commitment means the difference to be under "THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTLY" in this so dangerous times we are living, and in accordance to The Prophecies, where THE LORD talk of the last times!

My desire by writing this message is that some precious souls be touched by HIS SPIRIT into the hope of eternal reedemption!

Blessed is the nation WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD" ... Amen!

Just a reminder, when speaking about this subject to someone who is pro-choice, you don't need to make the arguement about religion. If someone isn't a Christian, making a religious arguement is useless. There are obvious scientific facts to make your case that there is a human life inside a woman's womb. Life with it's own heartbeat and DNA.

This is a great resource. I believe the fight against abortion has to be partnered with the grace offered to those who have had abortions and regret it. I know people who live with the guilt and remember their mistake every single day.

Is this site a site developed by Stand to Reason? Thanks.

Anon., no, the Abortion Changes You site wasn't developed by Stand to Reason. You can read more about the site here.

What do the people at STR think of using pictures of an aborted fetus to awaken people to the brutality of abortion?


Words matter and how words are used matters. It is very important to define what an abortion is at the outset of a conversation. To many pro-choice advocates the word abortion means "womens rights" or the "right of privacy" or "Dr. - Client relationship" etc. Obviously, these definitions/terms are not the definition of an abortion. The word abortion must be defined at the outset of the conversation as a medical procedure performed to take (kill) the life of an unborn person and then remove the dead body. Using pictures at this point can be helpful to clarify the medical procedures of what is really at issue. An abortion is a medical procedural with deadly results.

Personally, I have never used photographs of the graphic reality of what is happening in our Nation. My advice would be to warn and disclose to any and all persons the content of the pictures you would like to share and if they rather not view them then respect their wishes.

As a practicing psychiatrist, I have dealt with many patients who have had abortions, and there is no question that this act has a dramatic impact on their lives. Certainly this is a secondary issue (the taking of innocent life is primary), but one of great importance.

Another interesting issue is the increased risk of breast cancer in women who undergo abortion...but we NEVER hear that being mentioned, do we?

"What do the people at STR think of using pictures of an aborted fetus to awaken people to the brutality of abortion?"

A picture is worth a thousand words only when the words being compared are poorly chosen.


As usual you have something great to say.

It seems to me that the word "abortion" has become an abstraction. People see it as the termination of a pregnancy. Notice the almost antiseptic nature of that description. It has everything to do with the mother and nothing to do with the baby.

Our society does not comprehend the horror of abortion. I think we need to re-education our society on the horrors of abortion. Photographs of aborted babies can do just that. Beyond that, they probably do not have specific uses. If someone is inured to abortion, then I doubt the most graphic photograph would do any good.

That's how I see it.

Should we think similarly of showing disturbing photos of our treatment of nonhuman animals in industrial farming and research, and of the brutality of modern warfare?

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