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October 14, 2008


I am not surprised by this. If you watch a couple of Oprah's shows it is evident her understanding of Jesus and salvation is contrary to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament.

There is a youtube clip of Oprah arguing with a Christian that Jesus is not the way to salvation; or at least not the only way.

As for Oprah's spiritual leader, the history of the canonization of the Bible speaks for itself. An assertion that the Church suppressed the teachings of Jesus and presented only the ones the church wanted must be supported with evidence. The burden is on him to prove such an allegation. As Melinda said, the evidence of such an allegation is wanting.

Melinda (and others!) Good post. Please however - ONE space after a period in between sentences! It appears as if you're putting two in, which you do "old style" with a typewriter, but no need to do with computer! (too much space - makes it actually a bit harder to read/distracting.) The computer will compensate for the proper space. See


I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Tolle's religious philosophy is simply re-cycled New Age Movement rubbish. Joseph Campbell, David Spangler, Elizabeth Claire Prophet and a host of other nut jobs taught similar travesties 10-30 years ago. It seems to me that a few details are different but the core message is the same.

I still use two spaces between sentences. It's the "right" way to do it.

I'm not sure why trying to find common ground with other world religions is so bad. He's not attacking Christianity at all from any of the excerpts you've cited. It sounds to me like he's trying to reconcile faiths that are uneasy about each other.

The problem with attempting to reconcile religions is that they are fundamentally irreconcilable to begin with.

For instance, what is at issue here are fundamental teaching of Jesus with respect to Salvation and Sin. Jesus teaches sin is a REAL condition that man struggles with and which results in REAL evils. Eastern religions teach sin is an illusory condition thus evil is merely ILLUSORY and does not exist in reality. Obviously, you cannot reconcile these points of view on common ground. One of the two must be true which must render the other false!

Moreover, because Jesus teaches sin as a real condition that depraves man, man is in need of an external savior. Jesus clearly taught he ONLY is that savior. I wish I could finish the thought but I have to go right now!

oprah needs to come abck to her first love jesus,resist hte devil and shall flee.jesus is the only true salvation nothing else.people just get bored and look for a quick way to get popular and rich at other peoples expense,i know the truth and it has set me free,oprah come abck home.

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