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October 01, 2008


Since we don't study or care about or think history relevant anymore in this culture things like this will always be new and many will fall for it. That article actually sounded like something straight out of Sojourners magazine.
Remember. The reason we fall for the "new thing" (or type) is usually because we are ignorant of the old thing.

This perspective does have a name - liberal theology. The social-justice gospel, and liberation theology, are a part of this historic (albeit more recent) movement. The key quote is "if the Bible doesn’t seem to agree with the best science and history, it’s the Bible that’s wrong." We have seen the denial of Biblical inerrancy in several prominent denominations lately (e.g. Episcopalian) and have also seen the inevitable violence this ultimately does to Biblical morality within the church.

Faith does not entail believing in spite of overwhelming contrary evidence, but rather believing the preponderance of historical evidence without yet experiencing the utltimate fulfillment of Biblical promises. We believe without seeing God, His final vindication of the saints, His second coming, etc. As soon as we throw out Biblical authority over the latest scientific proposal, we have abandoned our faith for a slight and trivial cause. Whatever this leaves us with is something other than Biblical Christianity.

So ethics, alurism, helping people, these are truly good things, but they need not come at the expense of Biblical faith. In fact, when faith in the Bible is compromised, so are our morals and principles. So liberal theology is a net loss all around.

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