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November 29, 2008


I wonder where abortion ranks in the United States in the cause of death department...???


From what I understand the new Commander-in-Chief wants those same non-existent restrictions here....

This subject gets me riled like no other, I constantly have to watch myself when the subject comes up.
Just the other night I was watching a tv show and they found multiple fetuses in medical jars abandon in the woods. One person identified them as unborn babies, the scientific person said That isn't correct they are fetuses.
I wanted to ask this guy what kind of fetuses are they? Are they fetal pigs, fetal dogs, or are they fetal humans? If they are fetal humans they are unborn children!
A fetus is not a thing it is a discription of it's stage of life.
Saying it's a fetus not a human, is the same as saying it is a toddler not a human.

Not so suprising:

"Undercover investigations by Spanish media in late 2007 showed that abortion clinics in Spain maintain financial ties with psychologists who automatically issue assessments to abortion clinic customers stating that the woman is psychologically at risk from her pregnancy"

Usually following the money trail will yeild immoral acts like this. It is so with Planned Parenthood, only they dont have to farm out the killing. They give the advice and the treatment all in one convenient location. But wait, there's more, they get to deliver sex education to the public schools in a lot of instances. So, they plow the field, watch it grow, then reap $'s for their care.

Brad B

Spain's got nothing on the US:

I suspect that more deaths are due to miscarriage than even abortion.

Anon said: "I suspect that more deaths are due to miscarriage than even abortion."

You raise a good point to highlight a key distinction:

Elective abortions are preventable deaths; many might say preventable *murders*.

Spontaneous abortions resulting from genetic anomalies are not preventable. Nor are they murder.

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