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November 18, 2008


Yes Precisely.

It’s also rather telling that advocating for real equal rights, as in, against hate crime legislation, is equally horrendous. Advocating equal protection under the law – this also makes one a bigot and is justification for bullying from the other side. Rights. What jokes nowadays.

With all the throwing around of this word – ‘Rights’ - what do we call a real right? It’s losing meaning.

You talk of ‘the right to pursue happiness’ and you get laughed out of a room these days. This is sad indeed.

Why do we expect integrity in debate? I don’t know. I’m starting think we shouldn’t expect it.

We should expect the worst – and fight like mad.

Why are the names and businesses of those who gave money to promote prop 8 publicly available?

Or are they not suppose to be?

After 1-20-09 get used to being muzzled and blacklists.

I have yet to hear a cogent counter prespective from the other side of this issue other than vitriol and now apparently in MI at least vandalism.

We are not losing our ability to reason as a culture, we have lost it.

For a guide to the tactics used by the opponents of Prop 8 see "Alinsky's Rules for Power" at There is no concept of right or wrong. There is only taking power to achieve your goal.

Saul Alinsky was a community organizer in Chicago.

John K., thanks. I cannot tell you how disturbing that is. Not only is there no right or wrong, there's no truth and there's no dignity for other human beings.

We can not give up hope in having a reasonable society, and start fighting like mad as one suggested. First of all if we fight like they do we will become like they are then what are we fighting for? We must continue the good fight. If God can change a stupid suicidal party girl like me into a monogamous book reader who can't stand the taste of alcohol and loves life God can do anything, we must not lose hope in that. We may feel alone sometime but we are not, there are several good pod cast on the next which are run by Christians that are just as reasonable as Greg and these pod cast do not stand alone they all have many, many followers, and are probably growing on a weekly basis, the change won't come as quickly as we would like, but it probably won't come at all if we give up hope. It can happen with our prayers, and our careful study it can happen it will just take allot of hard work.

Well, technically, anyone who makes a donation to a political campaign over a certain amount...I think $ consent to make their name and information public. It's part of the system for keeping government accountable for where they get their money from.

So technically, since it's public domain information, it's also the public's right to access that information and mount boycotts of people and businesses who support measures they don't -- similar to the widespread Christian boycotts of Disney for supporting gay rights issues a few years back.

Are there enough angry same-sex tantrum-toddlers to make any boycott effective?

Kirsten -- I agree with your point - it is "technically" legal and the right to boycott ought to remain so (as if you could outlaw *not* patronizing a business). I question the wisdom of forcing organizations to make public their list of donors (and it's not just those that give over $2000 that are being threatened, so the information on lower-level donors is also available somewhere).

I think the point of the OP was that the U.S. is a sad place when adults act like children that seek to hurt their ideological foes when they don't get their way.

Mike -- I have wondered the same thing, especially since I think it is a small subset of the homosexual community that condones and/or participates in this kind of behavior. "The media" (be that print, radio, blogs, whatever) can give an exaggerated picture of the situation -- we hear about a few incidents (which are admittedly abhorrent) but don't see the majority of people who supported Prop8 that *aren't* being attacked.

I love comments like yours! It's amazing what God can do but I so often forget, and need to be reminded of who He is.

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