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November 20, 2008


I heard about this the other day and thought:

Those that have said adult stem cells show more promise were dismissed as ideological whack-jobs. We said, hands off the embryos, we have so much possibility with adult stem cells. Oh, but the embryos were a much more effective club to beat pro-lifers with weren’t they?

Be we all know – it was never really about the possibilities with some, don’t we know this?

I am confused. Why did you include embryonic in the title? Shouldn't it just be Non-Destructive Stem Cell Research?

Ha! Yes, indeed. Thanks, Todd.

Sure does seem those that would post such an article would fail to forget that this IS "Adult Stem Cells". OH it did come from the New York Times, that explains it... Then again,
the same could be said about Global Warming, but now that has been changed to "Global Climate Crisis".

I've forgotten how many "Great" things have come from Embryonic Stem Cells. Oh thats right ZERO, but hey we still need to spend money in this research and keep that emotional debate alive.

An investor would conclude that its better for government to fund failed research. I'd think those supporting it need government money as well. They can't make it in the Free Market. My money is on the Adult forms of stem cells.

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