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November 20, 2008


This is a great book. I read it a few years ago in college and probaly need to visit it again. Kreeft is one of my favorite authors. Many would do well to read this Catholic writers body of work (and lectures).

I am not Catholic but Kreeft is one of their best aplogists.

My one problem with the book is that Kreeft has Lewis quoting himself too much. I know that Prof. Kreeft is a Lewis expert and wanted to back up that what he was having his fictionalized Lewis say what the real Lewis would actually say, but my impression (from reading several years ago) was that about every other line from the fictional Lewis started out "As I wrote in my book ____, ..." It just made the dialogue feel a little wooden to me.

BTW, there are about 20 lectures by Prof. Kreeft on iTunes (just do a podcast search on his name) on Lewis, apologetics, social issues, etc. I've got them all on my iPod and have re-listened to them several times.

Peter Kreeft is absolutely TERRIFIC. I own about a dozen of his books. I recommend him highly.
... Socrates Meets Marx
... The Journey
... Before I Go
... How to Win the Culture War
... Handbook of Christian Apologetics
... A Refutation of Moral Relativism
... Making Sense Out of Suffering

My goodness, this man is brilliant. Thankyou for adding more reading & listening material to my thursday Bible studies

I read this book at least 10 years ago. It is good. But some of Kreefts other apologetic books are quite shallow when he tries to defend R.C. dogma.

Oh, Bradr, as a Catholic, that one hurt... Kidding! Kreeft doesn't have "other" apologetic books defending "RC dogma", his books and lectures ARE "RC dogma"! Kreeft is a modern-day CS Lewis.

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