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November 27, 2008


Much like the gift offered to Larry King by Boom-Boom Jorno when Larry did a show for a mafia gathering. After a wonderfully received performance he was asked if there was anyone he didn't like. Nice tip for a great show. I guess planned parenthood could be called "organized crime family planing." Sounds just about right.

The gift of death? What a strange present to give

However it wouldn't be "organized CRIME family planning" since in this country it's legal. This has got to fall under the category of Romans 1:30. Planned Parenthood (and this country) has now invented a new way of practicing evil.

yet christians everywhere voted for obama who supports this type of behavior.

Truly one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard.

This is straight up ridiculous! Even coming from an atheistic world view, would someone honestly enjoy unwrapping that on Christmas day? I doubt it!

"However it wouldn't be "organized CRIME family planning" since in this country it's legal. "

And if organized crime were in the Star Trek's "A Piece of the Action", I would bet you any number of quatlus that it would still be criminal activity. There is another law that was written in our hearts that would tell us that. It would be a crime against God. The definition of crime existed way before society and is therefore not defined by society or defined away by society. So, while I understand your point, I respectfully disagree on the grounds given. You are of course welcome to correct my errors if I have made them.

I hardly think anyone is giving this for someone to have an abortion. That's just absurd to even suggest.

Wow how wonderful...

This culture is just getting better and better every day and in every way. :-(

I'm not sure how to respond.

Wow! Truly astonishing.

Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of the baby who came as a Savior.
Planned Parenthood wants you to invest in gift-wrapped abortions.
Christ offers life.
PP sells death.
I pray that people will recognize how clear-cut the choices are.

Do we really expect anything different from the death machine called Planned Parenthood? Doesn't really surprise me.

It's reported that Francis Schaefer suggested this sign be placed on all abortion clinic doors: OPEN BY PERMISSION OF THE LOCAL CHURCH. Man that stings. There are 700 plus abortion mills in the US. If 700 plus churches "adopted" one mill and attacked it full force with sidewalk ministry, counseling, prayer and resources for potentially abortive women and men, we could put a stop to this atrocity quickly. It's time for the men to man up and protect their wives or girlfriends, protect their unborn children, be a man and do the right thing. It's time for Christians to put their faith into action and pro-actively engage in the battle for unborn life. We're letting this happen. Our sewers run red with the blood of our tiniest human brothers and sisters and we, the Christians are letting it happen.
God save our souls.
Mike Stauffer

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