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December 31, 2008


God bless you, Steve!

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity. All the best to you!

Thanks for all of the work you have done for the unborn and women. Your approach to pro-life education is effective, convincing, and highly influential. Your approach combines many of the strongest pro-life arguments that leading thinkers have articulated. It is very good to know that your effective training is going contribute to there being many, many more people that will train others effectively. Pro-lifers have a good reason to be happy.

I think you should write a book or make a video that specifically answers David Boonin’s arguments. Here are only some of the things (written the way Boonin put them) that pro-lifers should understand:

Occurrent versus Dispositional Desires
Actual versus Ideal Desires
Organized Cortical Brain Activity
The Good Samaritan Argument

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