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December 03, 2008


Good luck to you Steve, and God Bless

First Scott Klusendorf leaves for Life Training Institute, now Steve's leaving for Justice for All! I suppose So. Cal. will just have to learn to share the wonderful benefits both men have brought into the abortion debate/dialogue. May the Lord bless you Steve in your new position!

And watch out for those twisters, we'd hate to see you swept off to Oz, ha ha ha!

I would only add that my time at STR (1997-2004) continues to serve me well in my current work at LTI. I thank God for STR and the impact that Greg, et al, make each day for the Kingdom.

God bless you dear friend!

Don't forget to study the Philosophy of Biology!

no one else does.

Both times Steve and the JFA exhibit came to my son's college campus, my son was SO impressed with Steve...not only his knowledge but but his wisdom and character...a true ambassador of Christ.

Good luck Steve. STR won't be the same without you.

Wichita, KS? Half of my family is from there!

Good luck, Steve, and God Bless!

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