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January 12, 2009


That guys case against mormonism, and i dont think this is even an "In my opinion" thing, seems to be irrefutable. By all means, beyond all reasonable doubt, he basicly disproved mormonism.

The podcast was interesting, but can someone please tell me what it had to do with skepticism? It was almost entirely about post modernism and relativism.

To me, Melinda's title and description are off the mark. I guess I should be skeptical about such things! :)

It seems to me that relativism and Post modernism are all about skepticism that we can know truth. Maybe I should be skeptical of your skepticism. :P

If you take the time to listen to them closely, skeptics (at least those who have not become reflexive cynics) aspire to understand the objective truth and are as opposed to post-modernism and relativism as Christians claim to be.

As for Jim Wallace's podcast, I've listened to most of his work and find him a gifted apologist, if that's what you're looking for. He seems to conflate the term "non-believer" and "skeptic" sometimes though.

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