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January 05, 2009


Greg is a great apologist and STR's materials are fantastic when it comes to equipping Christians to defend their worldview in the public square, so its with servitude that I make this harsh suggestion...
While on the radio, Greg should stick with apologetics and keep his scriptural commentary to a minimum as it comes off as unprepared.
This particular commentary is a classic case in point. Greg is right to identify the disciples as the audience of the beatitudes, but then it goes downhill fast. Greg's interpretation of Matt. 5 as a sort of 'Romans Road' stretches credulity. I can't imagine that any scholar would share Greg's opinion here, but I could be wrong. That being said, it's not for me to check Greg's scriptural comments against the backdrop of learned opinion--that should be Greg's job (as a responsible Christian) before he goes on the radio.
This bad interpretation of Matthew 5 could be the reason behind Greg's misstep a couple weeks ago in his “misquoting” angels commentary where Greg says, “...peace on earth is not a biblical value, unless what you mean by that is the peace that will only be brought by Jesus when he returns and he rules with a rod of iron. God has not commanded us to seek peace on earth...”
The “peacemakers” of 5:9, which Greg glossed over in this week's commentary and was apparently out of mind a couple weeks ago are not the ones manufactured by Colt.
I really enjoy STR, but I find myself cringing every time Greg opens his Bible-- sorry :(

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